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A DIY Memory T-Shirt Quilt

Hi Sweet Friends,
I posted this up on my MFP site for an online friend and thought it may help some of you decide what to do with all those Band T-Shirts, College T's, Character T's you may have collected for years and they take up precious closet space or are hidden away in a box unseen.

"I made a quilt for my son years ago with T's of his favorite bands, schools, logos. It turned out great and I used fronts and backs (blank backs to fill in). 

Here is how I made the T-Shirt Quilt:

I took a brown grocery sack and made a square. 

I laid out each shirt flat and cut  the square from each one.

 I then laid them out in the pattern that looked good and pinned them together in strips across the bed for measurement. (pinned side edges together) I think I had like 6 squares per strip. 

Then I sewed the strips together., top & bottom.  

I put a solid piece of fabric on the back and sandwiched a piece of quilt batting in between. 

Then I added seam binding around the edge. 

After it was all stitched together, I did the quilting on it via the top T-shirt side. I followed a half inch inside each square. It turned out nice and the back did too. 
He still has it and yesterday turned 30. He wants another one too. kids... 

Hope this helps if you decide not to keep your T-shirts as a "shirt" collection, but put them in a quilt." This Memory T-Shirt Quilt has been a big hit!
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