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❄☃ Hi Sweet Friends!WE have SNOW!

Colorado Snow is beautiful!Enjoy!

Fowl Fractures

Hi Sweet Friends,
With the latest bird event of Blue Bell, I though I'd share this great link that shows how to help a bird with a fractured wing.
 The link above shows a diagram of how to wrap the wing. Our Blue Bell is doing great and out with the other 8 Sister Chicks!

Wreaths Around The House

Depending on where they are hung, these wreaths can last years. I do, however, fix them up a bit here & there!
Here is a fun Cat Tail Wreath DIYAn easy design that can be adapted to any wreath.

I purchased this sparkly fruit & metallic magnolia leaf wreath back in 2001. This year I hung it in the guest bathroom. With all the Christmas Decorations nicely arranged, I decided this wreath would be great for placing on our front door later after the Christmas wreath comes down.  I love that it can really be used year-round.

I hope you have found some Inspiration!

Santa Twizzlers Treats ~Pinterest DIY

Hi Sweet Friends, 
Merry Christmas to YOU!
Going through my Christmas DIY's on Pinterest I ran across this idea for the Grandbabes! Pinterest LINK
I adapted the original idea into a kid friendly version topped off with a Santa Hat!

This was  fun & easy!              I hope you enjoyed learning something new!  I highly recommend this one if you have kids, grandkids or just know kids who like candy. The candy can be anything red! I even thought to fill them up next year with those red & green M&M's!
Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

Lacy Christmas Angel Tree Topper ~ DIY

Hi Sweet Friends,
What a Wonderful time of the Year! I love Christmas!! I enjoy the decorating and all the festivities that the Christmas Holiday brings! And each year I make some type of ornament or decorations to add to my Christmas Decorations. This year, since Hubby chose a Silver, Red & White Christmas Theme, I chose to make a new Angel. 

This project ranks on the hard side, but with patience and all the materials gathered ahead of time, I think even a novice craftsman could tackle this and do a fine job! So, that being said, here is my Christmas Angel of 2016. 

Materials Needed:
Premade Angel head & arms.
2 pipe cleaners
1 piece of flexible cardboard
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
2 pcs felt- flesh color, to match the angel's skin color
1 pc 1/4 yard white fabric
10"x 6-8"wide strip of Bridal Applique lace for the wings and front of gown
trims, laces, ribbons & appliques (I used my Grandmother's antique laces, bridal laces, silver trims, Venetian  laces & ap…