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Remedies for Healing Naturally

Hi Sweet Friends!
Yes, it is Flu, Cold, and Sinus Infection Season, again. And I really real from the antibiotics I have had to take for some of these.

 However, there are some great Natural Healing Remedies out there that really do work, don't have the side effects or cost money! 

Last year, one of our Son's had a terrible sinus infection and his antibiotics cost $300 for this "strong antibiotic". After we purchased it, he said, " It really did not help all that much!" And for $300.00 it had better be the elixir of health!!
Just sayin!

So here is what I have used for my Sinus Infections in the past:
Taking Apple cider vinegar can be particularly helpful to exterminate the infection. Mix 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey with 8 ounce of water. Drinking this mixture, the Sinus Infection is gone in a few days. Or even simpler, if you can do it, take 1 Teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar 3x's a day. (I gag, so this is a NO GO for me!)

Children's Nature Center ~ Grand Junction Colorado

 Hi Dear Friends~Here are a few photos of the fun trip we had to the Children's Nature Center this Summer!Children's Nature Center2424 Hwy 6 and 50
Grand Junction, CO 81505

The Children's Nature Center has living and inanimate exhibits that put the animals  in the most natural looking and feeling habitat for each exhibit.
 A large iguana, enjoying watching the children as they pass him by~
 Emy pets the turtle's shell. It is wet and hard.

 There are more than 150 creatures to see here. Some you can touch, and some you will just look at for your safety and the safety of the animals.
 Some of the animals & creatures could be touched, but it was better that the Guide handle the them. This lizard had scaly skin.
 Touching an empty turtle shell, an exoskeleton.
 Big Sis, Evy, lends a lift to let her Little Sis, Emy, get a closer look.

 Emy & Evy watch the Spitting Fish from below the water line. There w…

What's In The Egg?

Hi Sweet Friends,
I came across an article on "Top Ten Edible Flowers You Chickens Will Love" by Fresh Eggs Daily LINK
I had read, long before we started raising our chickens, that what you feed your chickens ultimately goes into the egg. Made scence to me, so I made sure the Chicken Feed that we were giving the chickens was high in calcium. However, they loved eating the dandelions that grew in Spring and the weedy underbrush in the garden, which included wild violets, mallow, chickweed and bindweed. 

I also had read that giving the chickens the foods normally put into the compost would help them too. So, no meats, no greasy or fried stuff, no dairy, ok that worked great for us. Considering the Kittens love the dairy and the Pup loves the meat scraps and bones(except chicken & turkey & pork). So that about makes our kitchen scraps totally recyclable! This is in addition to their Organic Chicken Feed with Calcium (oyster shell).

As far as giving the chickens the left ove…