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Pulling Weeds Through Life~ Beauty Tuesday

Hi Friends,
These past two weeks I have pulled so many weeds that I am so sick of pulling weeds. However, I noticed that the idea of "pulling weeds" can be shifted to many things in my life. 

For instance, pulling weeds, in general is like pulling teeth. Something I am pushing off, a broken tooth on a nut a month ago has resulted in the inside of the tooth cracking out and exposing a root nerve. OUCHIE!! Gotta pull that weed and get the tooth fixed!

Next, there are a few nasty folks in my life...gonna pull those weeds out!! It is far better for me to decrease my stress and not have a 5th heart attack. I get them for severe stress. Pulling those weeds FAST!!

Then there is the weight loss, not going as planned. So, I took a look at the things I am doing and the things I am eating. Due to constant, severe, teary eyed pain, I eat my comfort foods. It is not that I want to do this, it seems to just happen. And the comfort foods for me are not sweets but carbs.  Weeding …

Repotting Flowers In The Container Garden

Hi Friends,
It is gardening time again at my home in Colorado! We love this time of the year and prepare about a month ahead of time, however, this year it has been so busy with the chickens, we are about a week late doing our garden set up. However, I thought I'd do  a quick tutorial for my first time garden friends, potted garden friends, and any of you who wanted to see the process!

Here I took photos of my potted Marigolds and how to do it step by step.

First, clean out your pots old soil into the compost.
Wash the old pots and new pots.

Mix topsoil and Mushroom compost at a ratio of 2 to 1.
I used one bag topsoil to 1/2 bag of the above compost (I use a mushroom compost).
Fill pots with soil mix;
  take out one scoop from the center.

Place plant in center, cover all roots.

Fill pot with the scooped out soil mix.
Push down firmly around the plants.
Water well.
Water on a schedule depending on the area you live in . House plants I water once a week garden and flowers, every other day …

About Those Calories...

Hi Friends,
As you all know, I am doing "MY Fitness Pal" LINK and have been basically trying to be more mobile, active and decreasing pain thru the day. Well, it is working! I'm not really loosing wt, more like building muscle, but the fat will be burning off soon!!

I read a blog that I wanted to share on  Calories. "It’s apparent that a calorie is not a calorie in this case, so do calories still count when it comes to weight loss? The answer is a resounding Yes! Even though the study focused on diet quality, this is just one factor out of many that affect our weight. To be successful at maintaining a healthy weight, both the number of calories consumed and the quality of those calories matters." says the researcher.
Health & Nutrition News / Learn / Weight Loss / March 4, 20162 Science-Backed Strategies to Avoid Long-Term Weight Gain And  for me, I've been going up and down, but the inches are indeed dropping. I really have been dil…

Paper Rose Wreath for Spring ~ Creative Day Thursday!

Hi Friends!

I had ran across this "oldie but goodie" blog post from Stephanie @ Stephanie 
and I just had to do one of these Paper Rose Wreaths for my Spring Door!

I had been hanging onto some rather tattered (10yrs old now, daughters books, not appropriate for the grandbabes) books that will work wonderfully for this DIY project!

And since they are paper backs (mostly) I made smaller flowers than Stephanie Lynn did. But mine turned out ok. And it looks good on my door. She made them by, "Starting with the outside of the spiral, roll the paper inward to create the flower shape." Click here for the directions: LINK

I'll update when I get a photo of mine! Just been so busy on my Spring Cleaning!!

Back On Track!

HI Friends!
I did my weigh in on Monday and have dropped all that weight I gained!!! YEAH!!!
I ate correctly at Golden Coral and did my walking around at the park with the Grandbabies!! A great way to burn off calories and get your mind off your pain, I'd say!!
And who doesn't love being outside with nature; even just the front yard! Fresh air, cool breeze, the glorious smell of flowers. Wow, I sound like I'm high, but I'm not! LOL
One of my goals was to be able to play with my Grandbabies and that cane true on Sunday. I did have to medicate all day with the morphine, but that is ok for the day. My heart was so full of thankful joy and love! I have photos, movies and great memories that will keep me going on my rough days now!! Thank you my children for your generosity in sharing your beautiful children with me!! I love you!!
God's blessings are evident every day, we just need to stop and look around us!
God Bless you today and everyday!

May, Organize Your Home in 10 Minutes and More!

Hi Friends,Today, as for the past months this year, I have been giving ideas on organizing. I ran across this great 10 min or less a day organizing post and had to share it! ~Organize Your Home in 10 Minutes or Less Elizabeth, from,  says, "Stop waiting and start doing, with this list of ways to be more organized 10 minutes -- or less!" and what a great bit of advice! I've already implemented several of her tips into my daily routine!Also,I came across this post too and I thought I should share it! Crazy Organized Blog writer, Lindsay, says, "the uber organized write down EVERYTHING."~ 10 Things Organized People Do  ~ Dollar Store Organizing to…

Through All Of It He Is There ~ Music Videos

Colton Dixon - Through All Of It 
Hi Friends,Are you a born again believer in Jesus?  If yes this response is to you as a born again believer. And if not, Let me encourage to come to Jesus, that is to know him in a personal relationship--this is Eternal life--so that  the promises of God may come on you.  This is how God's word says we become a believer/a child of God   1.  believe that Jesus is God Son (Deity) and the Savior of the world,  2. believe, Jesus's death, burial and resurrection from the dead  3. Acknowledge to God that you have sinned against Him and repent to God of your sins, 4. Ask Jesus to come into you heart and live in you. 5. Confess Jesus as Lord (Romans 10:9,10Romans 10:9-10 9 [a]that if you confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; 10 for with the heart a person believes, [b]resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, [c]resulting in salvation.)When you do this …

A Free On-line Meal Planner for Healthy Living

Hi Friends!
I just had to share this great site I found while looking for recipes for the week. Since we are working on low cal foods, I'm also looking at changing up our most favorite recipes. This nifty site is a Meal Planning, recipe "box", that allows you to save recipes and meal plan in the same location! I just love it.  This is a free online meal planner.
Here is the link:

A click down menu allows choice of day, meal, and time to be chosen.
The recipes saved can be selected and then plugged into the day you choose. 
There is also a search box that ingredients can be input and recipes can be found that fit the search. Example: we have ham & rice on hand, so we input rice & ham and found recipes that contained them. It's as easy as that!

 Once the recipe is blocked into the date, you can click on the "List" button to show the shopping list of ingredients. The list can be checked and uncheck…

Rock Gardens

Hi Friends!I have decided to switch up last years Herb Garden to a Herb Rock Garden. I hope the change will enable the herbs to be more contained and I'll be able to manage the weeds better. Hubby wants to Round UP everything, with the exception of me potting up the herbs, but the chemical in the ground takes a while to get out (watering, rain) and I don't want the herbs bound in pots here in this dry climate. I'm not a proponent for the insecticide and don't use it. Hubby, on the other hand can be a bit impatient. So, I use an onion/garlic/water/salt/soap mix that kills the weeds; this has to be applied each time it rains or the area is watered.  So I looked up information on making a Rock Garden and I used some Ideas around town too. Here are some of the Ideas I'm looking at...Below is what I cam up with. Using the large bolder, I chose to pull all the small seedlings and recreate it with rocked sections that will divide the whole garden. I will just add to the …

My Fitness Pal Group for Disabled/Differently Abled Individuals!!

 Hi Friends,

Here are some links to share and a link from this blog post!
My Group for Disabled looking to loose weight/ support.

Share this link with your friends!
Styling With CJD.Sign: Diet, Exercise, Herbs and Seeds -UPDATED

Hugs to you all!
Have a blessed day!

If you'd like to be on the prayer list, just send me a message via my email

Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals by cjd-sign featuring a swim cover up
Summer is just around the corner! Submit your best sets featuring sandals in all styles for Summertime. #summer#sandals  

6 Backyard Oasis Ideas

Hi Friends!
While Spring is here and a busy time to clean and ready the gardens, I thought a Backyard Oasis would be so cool. This year, with the chickens, dogs and gardens, I wanted a special place to sit and relax a bit. Here's what I came up with and some great links to DIY your own Backyard Oasis!

How To Make a DIY modern concrete fire pit.

How to make a modern space saving vertical vegetable garden.
How to make stepping stones.

How to make mason jar lights.
How to: Make These DIY Rustic Floating Plant Boxes for that Gri…