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My Over Wintered Indoor Garden

A few of these plants were an experiment to see how they would fair over Winter. Some did great, while others did poorly. This Silver mound, in front left, did very poorly, and so did the Geranium.
But surprisingly, two of the three Pimento Peppers actually had a pepper and now they have reddened are are ready to pick! Yeah! Peppers the first of Spring! A first for us here in Colorado!

UPDATE! ** Grandma poured tea in the Rosemary and it died. 
Oh well, it is what it is.
Enjoy growing your own foods!

LC's Shorts

LC's Shorts by cjd-sign featuring one "Easter Egg"

LC's ShortsCreated by An Anthology of all LC Cooper's Short Stories!
Yes, pun intended by author LC Cooper as she playfully uses her tongue in cheek humor!

Coming soon to Smashwords, Apple & Barns n' Nobel!
ebook, hard cover & paperback will be available.

Enjoy the Monty Pytonish cover!!

Dandelions - Friday Foods

Hi Friends,Today we are talking about harvesting and using Dandelions. Yes, it is called a "weed" by most people, but there are many uses for Dandelions. I harvest the whole plant, dry the root for teas, eat the Spring Leaves in salads, and dry the flowers for teas. The milk sap is also great at killing warts. Dandelion RootTaraxacum officinaleOrigin: USADandelions have been long used for their herbal and medicinal qualities for centuries. And would you believe that Dandelions are eaten as a delicacy in many countries around the world today? Yes, it's true! That weed in our yards and gardens is good for your health! The Dandelion leaves & roots are chock full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They are healing and cleansing to the body.One can eat the young fresh Spring Greens in salad or eat the older greens blanched like Spinach.  Dandelions are bitter and spicy much like that of Arugula. Many markets sell a "Spring Blend" of young leaves that inclu…

Barefoot Homecoming by LC Cooper

Barefoot Homecoming by LC Cooper by cjd-sign on Polyvore

After years spent traveling and wandering to live the corporate dream, it's time to come home. 

LC Cooper's Free eBook!
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Easy D.I.Y. Picture Displays

Hi Friends!
Today we are just doing a quick Picture display. This is a refresher for most of you, but good to know tips!
This frame has a poem and place for the photo.
I am leaving the stand on the frame in case I want to put it on a table later.
Use a butter knife to lift t he metal tabs. This not only saves you pain, but it insures a straight lift of the tabs.

When you remove the inside mat and any inserts, clean the glass on both sides and place it back into the frame.

This is an easy way to add a photo. Tape a piece of paper to the top of the mat, then slip your photo under the paper. The paper acts as an edge and ensures your photo placement.

Put it all back into the frame and use your butter knife to flatten out the tabs. It's that easy!
Here are a few more ideas from my Pinterest Account.

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Simmering Consequences by LC Cooper

Fortune Island by LC Cooper

Barefoot Homecoming by LC Cooper

Exercise Journals: An Easy Way to Track Fitness Progress

Hi Friends!
I for one, love journaling. It is like my history written down.
 Do I do it every day? No. 
Is that consistent in journaling? Yes, for me.
What type of journals do I keep? I keep 3 types.
I have an eating journal that I keep on line with my exercise journal HERE with My Fitness Pal.
I have a prayer journal that I keep for the third journal.

I have used HERE for finding out what the calorie burn is for the activities/chores, that I do during the day. Then I transfer them over to the online exercise journal HERE via
Keeping active is a must!

It is important, even if you are disabled like me, to get outdoors and move. Walking is an important part of my day. Yes, there are days that I am sedimentary, but I do try to get moving doing something each day. 

It is beneficial to have elderly parents/disabled people/children be active and moving their joints. 

Keeping joints lubricated and moving promotes longer life, as well as a less painful life. I am speak…