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DIY Storage Box Update! Creative Day Thursdays

Hi Friends!
A quick and easy DIY today for you!
 For this project I used:
Scrapbook 12 x 12 papers *themed
2 Scrapbook 12 x 12 stiff cardboard paper pack covers
Double Sided Tape
Plastic Shoe Boxes, clear with white tops *Dollar Tree $1each

These containers used a cut piece of SB paper 7 1/2 inches x 3 inches. Cut all the pieces for all your boxes first. Curl with your hands the edges, like shown above.
Place Double Stick Tape on the papers where the yellow strips are shown, then press them inside of the boxes as shown.
Do this for each of the boxes you have. I have done mine to match my room in a Vintage Theme.
The top 3 are not updated, and I think the bottom 3 look so much better. The tags I have in another DIY. I'll link up when that posts!
I hope you enjoyed this one. I know it was simple, but sometimes, those are the most fun!
 I did the same type of fronts on these hanging compartment boxes. I taped a "false" front to the open hole. I do have the drawer, but it is in…

Spring With YemmyMade Accessories

No Heat Hair Curls! And a 5min heat Curls! Videos~ Tuesday Beauty

Hi Friends!

Today we'll be watching Videos! I know you ladies loved having videos to watch in class, right! Yeah! Well, these hair videos I have picked will give you some sleepable hair curling nights.

Last week I tried the 3 twisted wet hair curls and I did like the result, however, having neck pain, I did not enjoy sleeping. These two videos don't impede the sleep cycle like lumpy side hair knots do! So give them a try and see which one you like the best.

As for me, I like both looks and I have thin straight, slight wave when wet hair, but I have to load it up with product! I've enjoyed having a hairstylist in the house as a guest to show me different products. I'll be talking more about those in the coming weeks. For now, I use the products in the first video, but you can use what works best with your hair type and the style of curl you want.

This last hair style is a 5min Heat Curls! It is for that run out the door look that is fast and beautiful!


Ouray Silversmiths Springtime!

The Chicks Are Here!

Hi Friends!

Today we are discussing How To Raise Laying Hens from Chicks.
These little chicks come from hatcheries around the US as well as from local chicken hatcher's. They are very tiny day old chicks when they travel to the store. They are shipped in a container that keeps them warm, dry and safe. They have an electrolyte tablet that keeps them sustained until arrival at their destination. 

Once they arrive, they are placed in brooder boxes with a layer of bedding material and a warming light. The temperature is imparative, as the chicks need the heat to be 95° for the fist week.  The food they eat is a mix of chicken feed flakes and a grit. This enables the chicks to have the gravel they need for digestion of the food.  The water is an electrolyte/water mix that ensures the chicks get what they need for good growth.

The temperature needs to be warm for the chicks. The first week it should be 95°, then lowering the temperature 5° every week thereafter until the chicks are fully …

Garden Planning ~ Video and DIY Information

Hi Friends!
We are getting that growing itch here in Colorado! How about where you are? Well, it is February and we are in the process of sorting our seeds and deciding which ones we will be starting indoors . We will be rotating the raised beds for the next season of planting and because the tall things and short things need to have good sun, we are juggling the current spaces. It is always good to move planting locations so that the soil has time to amend, even with compost and added soils. This helps keep down disease and fungus *we had white mold fungus on all our squash & pumpkins and it transferred to the chocolate mint, too. So, to get rid of that we sprayed a milk based spray on them.
"Milk is a safe method that can be used to treat powdery mildew, especially on cucumbers. James recommends using milk full strength or mixing a 50:50 solution of milk and water (one part milk to one part water). Use it as a spray, applying milk treatment onto the leaves of the infecte…