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Santa Twizzlers Treats ~Pinterest DIY

Hi Sweet Friends, 
Merry Christmas to YOU!
Going through my Christmas DIY's on Pinterest I ran across this idea for the Grandbabes! Pinterest LINK
I adapted the original idea into a kid friendly version topped off with a Santa Hat!
What I used. Clean jar with lid, scissors, Twizzlers, double stick tape, and a Santa Hat.
Cut the Twizzlers into small bite size pieces.

Put Twizzlers pieces into the jar. Keep going till it is filled up. I used almost two packages of the Strawberry Twizzlers to fill this large Smucker's jam jar.

Cover it with wrapping paper. I folded it under on the edges for a clean edge look. Use double stick tape to stick it to the jar & the wrapping.

Adhere it with the double stick tape.

The jar looks like this. I made two jars with two different wrapping papers.

I added a bell and bow to the tip of my Santa Hat for one and left it for the other.

My Finished Pinterest Santa 
Twizzlers Treats!

The Pinterest Ida LINK
All done!! Merry Christmas!

This was  fun & easy!              I hope you enjoyed learning something new!  I highly recommend this one if you have kids, grandkids or just know kids who like candy. The candy can be anything red! I even thought to fill them up next year with those red & green M&M's!
Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

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