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Christmas Party Table Settings - Creative Day Thursday

Hello Sweet Friends!
Merry Christmas to You!!

Our "Children's" Christmas tree decorated with ornaments from the last 52 years!

I've started this Christmas Season a bit early this year, as I has started wrapping gifts just after Thanksgiving, written out most of our Christmas cards and mailed off a few presents!
Our Christmas Celebration lasts all month long and starts with the Christmas dishes for breakfasts!

For our Christmas Breakfasts, I use the fun children plates with gold chargers and the green and white theme.  The Christmas Tea Pot was my Paternal Grandmother's and I cherish it each year! I use my white dishes to accent and the stemware holds juice. I have two large mugs (I hope to find more this season) that we use for hot cocoa and eggnog.

I copied this Tartan Christmas Theme from a Pinterest and I love it! I will add my rendition soon!! But I use my white china, my golden silverware, my tartan mats and the red balls. I have made some new napkins to go with them for this year. I will set the Christmas table for dinner starting on the 12th, Hubby's Birthday! This has been a good tradition for our family.

We have a Christmas Party each year and I wanted to show you the cute tablescapes and how very easy it is to do. We used white & red with the Snow Flake theme plates and napkins. Fresh bread, cookies & jams adorn the tables with a cup of nuts to ease the hungry guests. A dish of candies are on the table for a festive touch and quick snack. Using glass ware and silverware are one option (like we used here), but plastic cups and utensils are also fine.

Merry Christmas centerpiece.
The center pieces are all different and create a festive mood for each table.
Blue & White Snowmen on "fluff" snow.

Mr & Mrs Snowman on shredded green paper.

Larger blue snowmen on puff of "fluff" snow!

Country Christmas Snowmen on shiny red paper strips.

A Wooden Snowman in a puff of snow!

Two Stuffed Snowpeople on a fluff of snow.
Here are two shots of the decorated tables, because this is not our home, we don't decorate more than the tables and the counter where the buffet is placed. And with everything ready, we just wait for the guests to arrive! I hope you liked the quick post and that you found some ideas for your Christmas Party Table Settings!

And a Very Merry Christmas To You and Yours!

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