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Beautiful Red Christmas - Top 12

 Beautiful Red Christmas~ Top 10
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This is an inspired blog by my Grandma, Marion C, to whose memory I dedicate this blog post. Grandma's Christmas Trees we always filled with lots of color. She had many years of collecting beautiful ornaments, fun & colorful ornaments, and many unusual ornaments. Grandma was an Ceramicist who loved to paint from her heart. I still have five of the pieces she had made for me. These pieces are linked with treasured memories of my beloved time with Grandma!
#1 White Silver & Red Tree! 
This is the look we are going for on our 2016 Christmas Tree!
2. Red & Green Children's Tree!

3. Red & Gold Balls

4. Rustic Red
5. Red & White

6. Red & Silver

7. Striped  Red
8. Mini Red  Peppermint Tree

All photos, except where noted, in this blog post are from my Pinterest  "Red Christmas" Pins LINK     

9. Red Peppermint Tree

10. Red & Gold Tree
11. Elf Tree

I chose 12 of my Favorite Red Christmas Tree styles. I really had a hard time choosing with all the ideas out in internet land! 
12. Santa Christmas Tree
I hope you enjoyed my list of Red Christmas Trees and that some Christmas Spirit has rubbed off on you today!

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