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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Hi Friends!
Here are a few ideas from Our Thanksgiving in the past for you!

Fresh from the farm!!

Here are some table ideas

Placing Pumpkins on top of unique garden pots makes a great tablescape.
Flowers in Fall Colors always look beautiful as table pieces or even as we did here on the porch.
Last year we added red candles and pine cones with our copper lamps on the Thanksgiving Table.

Pumpkin Place Cards
Pumpkin Candles. We did this with water and floating candles. We did not have to worry about that hot wax spilling out.

The Frugal Homemaker
Here are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving Time Wreathes. These next four wreaths are from the Frugal Home Maker.
The Frugal Homemaker

The Frugal Homemaker

The Frugal Homemaker

My Fall Wreath. I use this on the mantle each Fall. I really like the details and I try to add a bit of something to it each year. One year, we found the Humming Bird's Nest below.
This year, I added some of the beautiful chicken feathers. I wash them in anti-bacterial soap and rinse them. Dry flat and then use a fine tooth comb to comb out the feathers. They look nice and add a new touch to this family wreath.
a beautiful wreath by Martha Stewart.

I can't remember where I found this wreath tutorial, but I really liked it and have used this method with many other color and flower themes.

I love the Fall and the celebrating with family and friends. The town is decorated and many of the houses have neat decorations on porches.

The local bakery always has a nice fall display!

Not sure what I was looking at, but I still love that pumpkin and scarecrow vest!

Our Jack O' Lantern still sits on the front porch. It is cold outside and we still like to see it glow!

I used a gold baroque style table cloth with brown silk napkins and placemats one year. The napkin holders were a gold tone with a "stone" middle.

I used the gold trimmed white dishes and the Silver flatware and crystal glasses.

I hope you got a few ideas!
Enjoy Your Thanksgiving. I pray that each and everyone of you know how thankful I am that you take the time to read and share my blog. God Bless You and Enjoy!

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