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Friendly Rodent Repellent

Hi Friends!
 Here's how to make your natural rodent repellent:


  • 1 cup  diatomaceous earth
  • 1/2cup water
  • 2-3 drops essential oil lemon citrus lasts longer
  • A container


Add essential oil to water and stir thoroughly.

Slowly add 1 cup of diatomaceous earth to your water/essential oil mixture.

Stir thoroughly until all DE is moist.

Place mixture in your container.

Where to put it?

Place your DE mix as close as you can to where rodents live and eat. If they live in your yard, you can dump it down their holes. If they are in your home, leave your container of scented DE open on the counter or floor where there is a problem. Just so you know, DE mixed with these essential oils won't harm rodents, but it will overpower them with a smell they can't stand, making them want to pack up and leave the neighborhood.

How to Make Your Rodent Repellent Last

Your scented DE should maintain its potency much longer than cotton balls, but it will eventually fade. Fortunately, it's easy to get it back. If you add a little water and shake it up, it will bring back the scent to about 70-80 percent of what it was originally. Mix another drop or two of essential oil into the newly wet DE, and it will increase the potency even more. Also, be sure to store scented DE that you aren't using in an airtight container as this will help the scented DE retain its potency. 

Because my rodents love my garage, I have made many of these little smell bombs and placed them around the garage. I leave the door open a bit so they can go somewhere else!

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