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Fall Wreath DIY

Hi Sweet Friends,
Today I made a simple Fall Leaf Wreath using only 3 things. 

I love the look of the Fall leaves and wanted to bring that into the wreath with the use of silk leaves and eucalyptus. 

This simple wreath DIY is easy to make and I have made it a step-by-step photo DIY for those who want to make one themselves.

First, gather up the items:
Green Foam Wreath Form
2 Bundles Fall leaves (mine have gold edging)
1 package Eucalyptus (mine came in 3 colors)
Wire Cutter (I used 2 types)
Hot glue sticks & glue gun
Safety Glasses
Ribbon for backing  (if wreath is on a glass door)


1. Take the large cutters and snip the leaf wires as far down the stem as possible,  
 at the connection to the large main stem (this stem will be cut into 2 stems, so you need the length).

2-3. The individual leaves will need to be moved down making 2 even sections.

4. Cut with the smaller wire cutters just above the second set of leaves.
5. Here is a closer shot.
6. Now make two piles of leaves; smaller leaves & larger  leaves.
7. The larger leaves will be #1 fillers.
The smaller leaves will be #2 front accents.

8. Push the large leaves into the lowest part of the outside edge of the foam form.
9. Continue adding layers of leaves  till the wreath looks full.

10. Add the eucalyptus stems around the wreath in a symmetrical pattern, filling in the empty spaces  with the large pieces at the outside edges and the smaller stems in the front of the wreath.  The black line shows how to place the eucalyptus in sections.
Continue to add as much of the eucalyptus as you think your wreath needs.
I really wanted to incorporate our red Indian Corn, but the wreath form would not hold the weight, so I chose to use more of the eucalyptus.

I love the stuff, as you can see...  :) I really like the look of this wreath, I did not include a bow or any other elements. It is a natural looking wreath, but you can put other things in if you wish! Be creative and use my ideas as a spring board for your own creativity!!
Because my wreath was place outside on the glass front screen door,
I added ribbon to the back. If you are using this style wreath on a solid door, there is no need for anything on the back of the wreath.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Because of illness, I was late in putting this blog out there.  But it is just in time for your holiday visitors, if you take on the DIY!!


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