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Around Town in Ouray Colorado

Hi Sweet Friends, 
This is a treat for the Architectural Eye! Homes around Ouray, Colorado are like eye candy for those of us who love the fun architecture of the old homes, shops and restaurants. Here are some taken this past Summer in Ouray.  (being out of commission for a bit due to illness and needed a pick me up post!)

Ouray Colorado looking North on Main Street

The Golden Nugget Hotel & Restaurant

Big porches, stone work and cute store fronts.
Store Fronts

The Rockin R Ranch
Barn style with decorative windows and cute porch.
Maine Street Ouray Colorado

Main street is built on a hill, so everything is at a slant.

Cute arches and porch detail.

Awesome details with multi colors.
Can you see the Colorado State Flag in the middle of this mountain?

Here is a close up!

Awesome architectural details.

I love the look of a corner stone plaque on a building that tells something about it.

This is the sign above that last sign!! Too Funny!

Thank you for taking a road trip to look at this Charming Town!

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