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What's In The Egg?

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I came across an article on "Top Ten Edible Flowers You Chickens Will Love" by Fresh Eggs Daily LINK
I had read, long before we started raising our chickens, that what you feed your chickens ultimately goes into the egg. Made scence to me, so I made sure the Chicken Feed that we were giving the chickens was high in calcium. However, they loved eating the dandelions that grew in Spring and the weedy underbrush in the garden, which included wild violets, mallow, chickweed and bindweed. 

I also had read that giving the chickens the foods normally put into the compost would help them too. So, no meats, no greasy or fried stuff, no dairy, ok that worked great for us. Considering the Kittens love the dairy and the Pup loves the meat scraps and bones(except chicken & turkey & pork). So that about makes our kitchen scraps totally recyclable! This is in addition to their Organic Chicken Feed with Calcium (oyster shell).

As far as giving the chickens the left over egg shells, they found some old ones from winter in the compost pile, and well it led to them breaking the eggs before we could collect them. The result was to put egg shells into the herb and front gardens, to keep out the slugs & snails. This worked fine. However, there is still an occasional broken egg and we try our best to get rid of it before the chickens all get a taste. I know that in the industrial Chicken & Egg Production, eggs and egg shells are constantly given to the chickens, however, I don't like that idea, probably because I am a 60's kid who watched the 1973 movie, "Soylent Green". LINK  a film adaptation by Harry Harrison's book "Make Room! Make Room!".   "Soylent Green is a 1973 American science fiction thriller film directed by Richard Fleischer and starring Charlton Heston" Wikipedia.com

Personal caution, don't eat while watching this movie!

That all being said, the article that started this blog off was edible flowers that the chickens would love. The nasturtiums did not come up this year, nor did the wild violets in the back yard (they did in the veggie garden, but were soon devoured), so there were no flowers to speak of, same goes with the dandelion and clover, which never bloomed for the same reason! LOL, so I guess the chickens knew they liked the flowers before we did! Jokes on us!

Here is a list of some of the flowers the chickens do enjoy!
Wild Violets
bee balm 
borrage flowers
lettuce flowers 
squash flowers

Here is a list of plants the chickens devoured! of which I was not so thrilled!!
wild violets

Alaskan pea pods (all plants and pulled up the roots!)
Green bean leaves, flowers & beans
Current berries all! The am I went to harvest them!!
Pumpkins, squash, tomatoes!
Inpatients (devoured them before I could plant them! leaves & flowers!)
Morning glory leaves,

Next year we are fencing off the veggies and controlling just how long they "graze" in the gardens!
 So this is my blog rant for the day! LOL

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