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Remedies for Healing Naturally

Hi Sweet Friends!
Yes, it is Flu, Cold, and Sinus Infection Season, again. And I really real from the antibiotics I have had to take for some of these.

 However, there are some great Natural Healing Remedies out there that really do work, don't have the side effects or cost money! 

Last year, one of our Son's had a terrible sinus infection and his antibiotics cost $300 for this "strong antibiotic". After we purchased it, he said, " It really did not help all that much!" And for $300.00 it had better be the elixir of health!!
Just sayin!

So here is what I have used for my Sinus Infections in the past:
Taking Apple cider vinegar can be particularly helpful to exterminate the infection. Mix 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey with 8 ounce of water. Drinking this mixture, the Sinus Infection is gone in a few days. Or even simpler, if you can do it, take 1 Teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar 3x's a day. (I gag, so this is a NO GO for me!)
And recently, I got a Fever Blister that was painful. I read that I could take some of my fresh Lemon Balm Tea (dried works well, too) and the pain and blister will go down. I drank the tea and had a leaf that I crushed (fresh) to release the oils and placed it on the blister. In three minutes, the pain was gone and it was smaller!  I drank the Lemon Balm Tea 3x's a day until it was gone. (With a leaf poultice~ crushed fresh leaf on my lip and the tea, this was completely gone within 24 hours)
Here is what I use for Sore Throats: Mint Tea is always a great choice! I also use a Cough Syrup made from Borage leaves and flowers. I use this recipe from Five Remedies - Cough Home Remedies  LINK

 After I make this Borage Cough Syrup, I put it in a clean glass mason type jar with lid and keep it in the refrigerator. I keep it all winter long and make new for the Spring season when the leaves are fresh again.(3months refrigerator life) I start my Borage from seed that I gather in the Fall.

What do I use for colds & Flu? Well here is a link to an easy remedy for Bee Balm Tea (Bergamot) LINK.  I drink this Bee Balm Tea when the cold and Flu hits my house and then through the illness. I am healed faster and feel stronger much sooner. I don't do well with the alcohol based over the counter products and they make me so groggy and uckie. 

So, I do Tea! Adding a Teaspoon of Honey helps fight any infection as Honey is an antibiotic in it's own right~
 Think about safer & natural choices when you are facing any of the above. As always, I am not a Dr. nor do I claim to be. These are just my suggestions.

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