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Easy BBQ Crock Pot Pulled Pork

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Today we are using the crock pot. I love putting all the ingredients in a pot and plugging it in, leaving it for about 6 hours on High and then having a nice dinner! This is a recipe handed down from my Grandmother who loved to cook. I remember her saying, "Cooking doesn't have to be hard." She use to make stews and soups in the crock pot as well as meats. This is a very Easy BBQ Pulled Pork recipe done in the crock pot.
Place the roast into the middle of the pot. The edges get very hot and if your roast is small, like mine, it will burn against the edges of the pot. A large roast is fine touching the edges. Just make sure you turn it over more often to prevent sticking and burning.
If your roast is frozen, the time the Crock Pot on 8 hours. If it is not, then 6 hours is good on High Don't use the low setting to cook as the meat may not be properly heated to correct cooking temperature. Use the High Setting and check the meat occasionally, basting with the bbq in the pot.
 I use a BBQ sauce (the whole bottle) and thin it with 1 Cup of water.

 I pour the water in first, coating the meat.
 Then pour the whole bottle of BBQ Sauce on top.
 As the roast cooks, the juices will blend with the BBQ Sauce and water making a nice gravy. We put it over a Jasmine Rice.
 Cover the Crock Pot with the Lid and head out for the day! It's really that simple.
 After 6 or 8 hours (ours was frozen, so it was 8 hours) check to see if it is done. When the meat pulls apart easily, then it is ready.
Here is the last photo I had. Hubby finished pulling the meat and mixing it with the sauce. We then put it over the Jasmine Rice and had Garden Fresh Green Beans & Yellow Squash. Sorry there is no end photo!  We also have had this on nice Keizer Rolls for BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches. This recipe from "Taste of Home" is an easy and yummy Keizer Roll Recipe. This is a great way to stretch it for company and who doesn't love a BBQ!!


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