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Children's Nature Center ~ Grand Junction Colorado

This is a large land tortes who lives at the Children's Nature Center.

 Hi Dear Friends~

Here are a few photos of the fun trip we had to the Children's Nature Center this Summer!

Children's Nature Center

 2424 Hwy 6 and 50
Grand Junction, CO 81505 


The Children's Nature Center has living and inanimate exhibits that put the animals  in the most natural looking and feeling habitat for each exhibit.
 A large iguana, enjoying watching the children as they pass him by~
 Emy pets the turtle's shell. It is wet and hard.

 There are more than 150 creatures to see here. Some you can touch, and some you will just look at for your safety and the safety of the animals.
 Some of the animals & creatures could be touched, but it was better that the Guide handle the them. This lizard had scaly skin.
 Touching an empty turtle shell, an exoskeleton.
 Big Sis, Evy, lends a lift to let her Little Sis, Emy, get a closer look.

 Emy & Evy watch the Spitting Fish from below the water line. There were very cool to watch!

The large Tortus liked Evy's Pink Sneakers!

 Spitting fish
 Pig nose water turtle
 Emy watches as the turtle swims by her.
The displays were stunning and most were made of living plants and natural materials.
A look inside a Bee Hive.

 A Children's sized Bee Hive!
Climbing inside and using the puppets, the children learn about the different stages of a bees life.
Bee puppets were just the thing to teach our group about the bees!
Our Guide was so very informative that she was able to keep the groups attention with great details, questions & answers! She was wonderful with the children!
 A lizard in it's exhibit.
 These fish are amazing~ Archer Spitting Fish
 Turtles, frogs, lizards and fish are just a few creatures that live at the Children's Nature Center.
 Archer Spitting Fish
 These unique fish spit out of the water to knock down their prey into the water.
 This big Tortes walks all over the museum! I guess he is like the "guard tortes"~
 These clever fish can recognize human faces from  under the water. This is amazing!
 I found NEMO!!!  And a large horse shoe crab in a Salt Water tank.
Emy and the Sea Anemones
We had a great time with the Rosemont Baptist Church Youth Group visiting the Children's Nature Center and will be heading back with a group again next year! We know they are moving to the Mesa Mall for more room and a bigger location for the animals and creatures! See you soon!

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