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7 Cool Things To Try

Hi Dear Friends,
Today we will be looking at some common products that we use daily, but they have other unique ways of using them. Come along with me while we explore "Cool Things To Try"!

  1. Bread. Did you know that you can take a slice of Wonder Bread and clean your wallpaper? Yeah, it really does work! You take a piece of bread, remove the edge (put it into the recycle bucket or eat it *wink), and ball up the bread. Take the ball and use it like an eraser for marks and stains on the wallpaper. 
  2. Tea Bags. Did you know that tea can take out the sting of a sunburn? Yeah, it really does work! Take the tea bag, wet it, and pat it on your sunburn. Don't pat too hard! Let it dry. Repeat as necessary.
  3. Coffee. Did you know that coffee can deter ants! And we thought it was just good for getting us going in the mornings, right?! Well, If you take coffee grounds and sprinkle them around the "infested" ant area, into cracks and outside around  doors and under window sills, the ants will leave. Ants hate coffee. I use a strong brew kind.
  4. Kitty Litter & Panty Hose. Do you have anyone in your household with stinky shoes? Well, take a pair of panty hose and fill the foot areas with cat/kitty litter! Yes, it absorbs the odor and the stink is GONE!!
  5. Kitty Litter.  How about odors in outside trash can? I know ours can really smell uckie! Take fresh kitty litter and pour 1inch into the bottom of the can. Let sit for a day, then use it as regular. When the can is dumped, the smell goes out with the litter! How nice is that!
  6. Baking Soda. How about the indoor trash can odors? Sprinkle a bit of Baking Soda into the bottom of the can to neutralize the odors. TIP* I put an extra bag in the bottom of the can, above the baking soda just before I put on the new bag liner. The trash can is ready to go as soon as the old bag is removed!
  7. Dryer Sheets.  Spots on the Bathroom Shower Doors? Take a dryer sheet and wipe both sides down while still wet to keep them looking clean and spot free. This works great for a glass enclosed shower. I use a rubber window scraper (like the kind you use for your car windows at the gas station, only smaller) after I wipe the dryer sheet across the glass. No fumes or messy clean up!!!!!!!
Well, there are 7 things to try! I use them all and hope to have more ideas for Cool Things to Try soon! Enjoy!

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