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4 Cold Weather Tips

 Hi Dear Friends!
Today, being Fall and the cold is definitely hitting hard this October 4th, we are going to be chatting about "Cold Weather Tips". There are many things that I usually do to get the house, car, farm & family ready for the cold weather days. Here are a few you may have already tried and a few you may not have thought about! Have Fun!

  1. Kitty Litter: Keep a bag of Cat/Kitty Litter in the back of the car in case the car gets stuck in snow or on ice. Pour the kitty liter in front and behind the tire (for rocking traction) and it will give you good traction. The kitty litter gives more traction than dirt does and it is cleaner and smells nice too. 
  2. Salt:  Salt acts as a DE-icer and works well in Winter time. a. Put salt down drain pipes to stop them from freezing or to thaw frozen pipes. 
  3. Credit Card: The next time you go out to your car and the windshield has a covering of frost on it, get out your Credit Card(the one you don't use often) and use it to scrape off the ice. This works great and it is fast when you are in a hurry to get inside and get warm. TIP: Start the car first with the defrosters running. The windows will start to defrost and the card will work even faster. Ice scrapers are good, but the Credit Card is even better! And you don't get charged for using it!!! pun intended!!
      4. Dryer Sheets: When cleaning out your vents before turning on the heater, place a dryer sheet in the vent to help collect dust and keep the house smelling fresh. I suggest that you clean these vents out each month to help keep down the dust and soot (if using a wood or pellet stove) that can build up in the vents. This is a good thing!

Stay Warm!

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