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Easy Herb Gardening

Hi Friends!
Today we are in the Herb Garden. Unlike a Vegetable Garden, the Herb Garden is a Perennial & Annual Garden.
This first Herb Garden is from 2013, when I had most of my herbs potted. It was a cute garden and I had a small variety, but things were more contained.

Last Spring I planted my Herb Garden with many perennials and annual plants. In an herb type  garden, the perennial plants come back each year from the original first year plant.

These plants will need to be divided every other year, so that they don't take over the garden. 

 The annuals come back as seed is broadcasted when falling from the first year plants.
Harvesting throughout the Spring, Summer & Fall Seasons allows for a good and even harvest. I love to have the fresh & dried herbs to use in cooking, for projects and just to look at in a vase on the mantle.

My Perennial plants came back this year 4 times bigger than the mother plants of last year.
See how fast they multiply in size? This is why plant division is so important. And if using the roots of these perennials, simply divide by taking a hand spade and cutting the root system or tubers with the spade.

Wrap a bundle of Lavender with a ribbon and place it in the car for a calming ride!

 This is how I got my Blue Flag Iris and Lemon Balm!
Two of my neighbors were dividing and I reaped the benefits!! Remember the neighbors when dividing!

Propagation from seed is a great way to save money on those annuals and perennials. I have been known to walk around the neighborhood and ask for seeds from my neighbors.

 Most of them are happy to comply and they see their plants in my gardens the next year! A true WIN/WIN situation for all of us!
My Hollyhocks, Sunflowers & Flax came from seeds from the neighbors.
This is the final photo of the 2016 Herb Garden before I thinned it and harvested for the Fall Season!

I hope to have even more fun next year in the Herb Garden!

And if you don't take my word on how fun gardening is, think of it in calorie burn! Here are a few things that will burn those Garden Calories off in no time!
Calories burned in 30 minutes:

    Weeding – 180
    Watering – 60
    Raking – 160
    Bagging leaves – 160
    Planting – 180
    Digging/Spading – 200
    Turning compost – 200
    Mowing with a push mower – 240
    Moving with a ride-on – 100
    Trimming manually – 180
    Trimming with powered shears – 140
    Laying sod – 200
    Chopping wood – 200
So I hope you will grab some herbs and plant them up in the Spring! I have loved my herb gardens since I was a child and I'm passing on that joy to my children and grandchildren! Start a generational garden next Spring! Enjoy!


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