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DIY Halloween and NO Sew Minion Costumes

My Cool Cookie Cutter Pumpkin! Photo Credit CJD.Sign

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It's Fall and you know what time that is! Harvest Time & Halloween. And most of you know this is my Favorite time of the year. I love the Season Change and the Bountiful Harvest time. Not that I don't love Christmas, I don't LOVE Winter! But I love FALL!
This year, since I won't be making any costumes, I thought I'd just make a great resource costume list.
Just sayin' for an Adult Costume, when I was in college, I took an old white sheet, ripped it in lengths, and put some dirt on it to make it look dingy. I painted my face white and drew in grey over my veins and red around the eyes(not on the inner lids!). I got help wrapping up and then at the party, I didn't speak. Not once. No one recognized me and I won best costume!! Simple, easy & cheap! (but it was hard not to talk or laugh at funny things!)

The current top 10 Halloween Costumes are:
Minions, Pokemon Go, Olympians, Ghost Busters, Super Heroes, Star Wars, Disney Characters,  Game of Thrones, Cats & Dogs, Scary Creatures, Ghosts.
Here is a great list of sites I have found, used their ideas, and had great success! Enjoy!

1. DIY MINION COSTUME!!!! NO SEW!!!!!   Harvard Home Maker
   This is a great and easy to do costume. READ all the instructions before starting! This can be adapted for an adult by doubling the supplies and getting a larger bowl for the top of the head!

2. Disney Character Homemade Costumes     Disney Family

3. 33 Cute Kid Costume Ideas   Parenting Magazine
Here are some cute ideas, a little more thought into gathering up items for the costumes! Great for kids & adults alike! Many weather theme ideas.
Grandbabes Pumpkins!
4.  Pretty Creative Costumes  DIY Network
Dog costumes, Kid costumeshttp://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/make-and-decorate/decorating/easy-homemade-halloween-costumes-for-kids-pictures, Adult Costumes. 5 pages great ideas to take a look at !

5. Last minute costumes Heavy.com

6. Quick & Easy T-Shirt Ideas   Women's Day

7. Homemade more elaborate Costumes    Real Simple

 8. Cheap Homemade Halloween Costumes     Pop Sugar
Here are some great classic ideas. Dress as a favorite Old Style Movie Star & Glam it up!
There are over 101 Ideas on here. Cute and Simple Ideas.

9. A good extra list of choices if you still are not finding what you like   Wise Bread

10. Last Minute Costumes     Real Simple
 Most of these you can come up with yourself, and some are really cheesy, but if you elaborate on the ideas, they could be really cool! Skipping the "Catcher in the Rye" (lame is my personal opinion).

Well that about sums up the favs. There are so many more ideas out there on the net, this is just a quick list for easy finding!


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