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4 Ways to Preserve Zucchini

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Today we are canning Pickled Zucchini Relish. This is a variation to the "Garden Pickle Relish" I make at the end of the season. I also use this left over brine for Pickle Poppers and Pickle Peppers.
I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!
1. Zucchini Pepper Pickle Relish
 Slice, then dice the Zucchini as shown above & below.
Then dice the peppers after removing the stems, seeds and inside membrane.
 Add diced peppers & zucchini into a steel pot.
Then make the brine for the relish. This recipe took 6 large zucchini's and 6 assorted peppers. Green peppers work well too, if you don't want the heat.
This year I used "Mrs. Wages Kosher Dill Pickle" Brine. Make the brine as directed on the package and add the vegetables into sterile jars. Fill with brine to 1/2" from the top of the jars. Add the hot lids and rings. Place in a Boiling Bath Canner and bring to boil. Boil for the time needed for your altitude and location. I boiled mine, in Colorado with the altitude of 5,000 ft, for 20 minutes. Here is a great link for Boiling Water Bath Canning Times LINK
Turn up the heat, and bring the water to a full rolling boil. Put the lid on the pot.
Start timing according to the recipe you are following. Canning recipes that call for a boiling water bath will include an instruction like "process for 10 minutes." The processing time doesn't start until after you've put the jars of food into the water and the water has returned to a full boil. If the water is boiling too vigorously, reduce the heat until it comes down to a more gentle but still full boil.

2. Canned Zucchini Chunks
Chunk your zucchini and place in sterile jars. Pour boiling water over the zucchini about 1/2 inch from the top of the jars. Add the hot lids and rings on the jars. Place in a Pressure Canner and bring water to boil. Put on lid and let steam vent for 10 minutes. Then add the weights. Boil for the time needed for your altitude and location. I boiled mine, in Colorado with the altitude of 5,000 ft, for  40 minutes. NOTE* let the pressure canner cool down before opening the lid. Put the cans on a folded towel using the can lifter.

3.Julienne Zucchini
Put up in freezer bags and freeze. I use these bags (two cups at a time) in zucchini bread, zucchini chocolate cake ,

Zucchini-Oat Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

and zucchini pancakes!

4. Food Saver Freezer Bagging Zucchini

Taking the cut up, chunked, or diced zucchini and rinse well.

Cut the Freezer Food Saver Bags to length off the roll.
Here is the FoodSaver Machine. It is plugged in and already warmed for the sealing process. Seal the top of the bag.
Put the zucchini into the bag and make sure there is enough space to make a good seal. This is imperative so not to have too much food in the bags and the seal does not adequately seal the bags.
Let the bag sit in the machine until the seal has been made.

Take out the bag and check for a firm seal and adequate removal of the air from the bag.
These bagged, frozen pouches/bags can be frozen for a good bit of time. We have had foods preserved in this manner after 2 years and it is still full of flavor and the texture is wonderful!
With all the zucchini in our garden and the bumper crop it produced, we are using all these ways to keep the garden vegetables going through out the Winter!

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