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Happy 4th of July ~ God Bless America!!

Hi Friends,
Happy Independence Day the 4th of July!
We celebrate this day for Our Countries Freedom. The Birthday of Our Nation.
We also remember what these people have done for us.
These citizens, these solders, these historical figures that gave their lives for this Country of Ours.
So here is what I  hope to celebrate today. The celebration of the gifts these people in our history who started this glorious Country of ours!

What our fallen solders have done for us,
1. Freedoms of our constitution.
2. Security of our Country & our lives.
3. Determination to succeed, to make certain that nobody takes this away from us.

What Jesus did of us,
1. He gave us the gift of love , grace, and eternal life by dying for our sins, before His Father God.
2. He gave us the security of knowing that we will be with Him in Heaven after we have died here on Earth.
3. He gave us the life after death, that we may have no more tears, no more sorrow and no more pain.

Today we celebrate Our Freedom in Our Nation's 240th Birthday! God Bless America.
Happy Holiday of the 4th of July!


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