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Bantam Update with Photos

Hi Friends,
Here's the update of the Bantam's me are raising!

We've acquired three rare breed chickens. Here are the chick & adult pictures that show how they look.

The Polish Bantam


 The Andalusian Bantam

and the last rare species is

The Lakenvelder


These rare chicken breeds are mostly for show. 4-H uses bantams due to their showy appearance and their smaller size. We are just raising them because we like them. These will not be eating birds, but laying birds. They are due to lay the first part of September.
Here is a look at all the chickens today: 

 Yes, Raider On The Go, Photo Bombed the chickens!!

 Check out the Backlink below to Jefferson Monticello Bantam Chickens post for some interesting information!
Have a great day!



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