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Very cool photos of Mercury passing between the Earth and Sun.

Mercury  passed between Earth and sun for first time in a decade  this am around 7:30 est. Here is the link to the news article from NASA.  LINK

PHOTOS: Rare transit of Mercury awes astronomers around the globe

By Brian Lada, Meteorologist
May 10, 2016; 2:07 PM ET
PHOTO LINK:  scroll down past the videos...
"A rare astronomical event took place on Monday as Mercury passed directly between the Earth and the sun.
This event, called a transit, was visible around much of the globe as the solar system's smallest planet appeared to slowly glide across the surface of the sun.
However, Mercury is too small and too far away from Earth for people to be able to see its transit without the help of binoculars or telescopes, as well as the right protective equipment.
Additionally, clouds blocked the view of the astronomical event for many."

We, in our area, did not get to see it due to heavy rain cloud cover. But there are great photos on the above links!! 


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