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Rock Gardens

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I have decided to switch up last years Herb Garden to a Herb Rock Garden. I hope the change will enable the herbs to be more contained and I'll be able to manage the weeds better.

 Hubby wants to Round UP everything, with the exception of me potting up the herbs, but the chemical in the ground takes a while to get out (watering, rain) and I don't want the herbs bound in pots here in this dry climate.
I'm not a proponent for the insecticide and don't use it. Hubby, on the other hand can be a bit impatient. So, I use an onion/garlic/water/salt/soap mix that kills the weeds; this has to be applied each time it rains or the area is watered. 

 So I looked up information on making a Rock Garden and I used some Ideas around town too. Here are some of the Ideas I'm looking at...

Below is what I cam up with. Using the large bolder, I chose to pull all the small seedlings and recreate it with rocked sections that will divide the whole garden. I will just add to the walls of the rocks next year and supplement the soil.

Cheap Backyard Ideas
Styling With CJD.Sign Pinterest Photo Source

Here are some links I have found that are most helpful.

Rock Gardens for Small Spaces LINK

Pinterest ~ Styling With CJD.Sign LINK

  I hope you got a few ideas of your own!



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