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Repotting Flowers In The Container Garden

Hi Friends,
It is gardening time again at my home in Colorado! We love this time of the year and prepare about a month ahead of time, however, this year it has been so busy with the chickens, we are about a week late doing our garden set up. However, I thought I'd do  a quick tutorial for my first time garden friends, potted garden friends, and any of you who wanted to see the process!

Here I took photos of my potted Marigolds and how to do it step by step.

First, clean out your pots old soil into the compost.
Wash the old pots and new pots.

 Mix topsoil and Mushroom compost at a ratio of 2 to 1.
I used one bag topsoil to 1/2 bag of the above compost (I use a mushroom compost).
Fill pots with soil mix;
  take out one scoop from the center.

Place plant in center, cover all roots.

Fill pot with the scooped out soil mix.
Push down firmly around the plants.

Water well.
Water on a schedule depending on the area you live in . House plants I water once a week garden and flowers, every other day or daily depending on dry times. 

Feed once a month with a good plant food. Garden and planted flowers, side dress every month with composted materials.

Gardening Video of the tutorial~

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