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Pulling Weeds Through Life~ Beauty Tuesday

Hi Friends,
These past two weeks I have pulled so many weeds that I am so sick of pulling weeds. However, I noticed that the idea of "pulling weeds" can be shifted to many things in my life. 

For instance, pulling weeds, in general is like pulling teeth. Something I am pushing off, a broken tooth on a nut a month ago has resulted in the inside of the tooth cracking out and exposing a root nerve. OUCHIE!! Gotta pull that weed and get the tooth fixed!

Next, there are a few nasty folks in my life...gonna pull those weeds out!! It is far better for me to decrease my stress and not have a 5th heart attack. I get them for severe stress. Pulling those weeds FAST!!

Then there is the weight loss, not going as planned. So, I took a look at the things I am doing and the things I am eating. Due to constant, severe, teary eyed pain, I eat my comfort foods. It is not that I want to do this, it seems to just happen. And the comfort foods for me are not sweets but carbs.  Weeding some more!

Another area I need to be pulling weeds are those emails I can't and don't get to read. Those that are of interest, but I don't have the time to pour over them...WEEDING them to the UNSUBSCRIBE!!!

And lastly, but so important, I am weeding out those clothes that I don't wear. YES I am determined that if I go back to my comfort clothes, my BRAIN will think, ooh I have room, I can have that other BOWL of rice!! NOPE. WEEDING!!

Do you have things in your life you need to weed? It's hard, but it must be done or they will over take life!
Hugs, CJ
Happy Weeding!!! 

 And an additional comment from a good friend, Binary, wrote:

"I'm 47 as of this writing and I've been tending to my garden for the past 28 years. I've pulled a lot of weeds in that time, none of which I've ever regretted pulling.
Now, I simply do not let them take root in my life. When I see one, I make sure it doesn't land in my garden.

Semper vigilantem - Always watchful.

When you do not stay vigilant, weeds can creep in.

Semper veritas - Always truthful.

The worst weeds are the lies we tell ourselves and others.

Semper fidelis - Always faithful.

To those worthy of our trust, our loyalty - always faithful. Weeding your garden is easier with the help of faithful companions.

Happy weeding indeed."
I just had to share!
Enjoy your own life weeding to be the best person you can be and always believe that you are important. HUGS, CJ

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