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How To Grow: Jade Plant

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Today I got a new Jade plant from the florist. And since my last 3 jade plants did not live, I thought I'd do a DIY on How To Grow A Jade Plant. I scoured the web for information on how to "not kill" my new jade plant. Here is what I discovered.

 First of all, a Jade is a Chinese Rubber Tree or a Money Plant. A Jade is a succulent that needs lots of direct sun, water 1 to 2x's a month only, and can root easily from cutting or leaves. 
This topic, How to grow a Jade Plant, is important to me as I love Jade plants. I found this article a great resource (LINK below)! I like the pictures too. I had killed my last 3 Jade plants and could not figure out what I was doing wrong. I was going by instructions in my garden book, but they all just died. This article helped me get the watering correct, spritzing the plant and keeping it in full sun. Things my book was vague on.

 I found a great article & visual aids from WikiHow HERE
My Jade will be moved down into the Office Restroom for now, but during Winter, It will live upstairs in the Living Space.
I hope this inspires you to grow something new today!

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