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Diet, Exercise, Herbs and Seeds -UPDATED

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Some of you have requested me tell you what I do with the herbs, seeds, and diet that I follow. I have also included links to places that I use calorie counters, food recipes and encouragement from others. Here is what I do, this may not be for you, and as always, check with your Dr or dietitian for more information and I am not a Dr nor do I claim to be. I  consulted my Dr who knows I do healthy herbs, whole clean meats & organic vegetables and seeds.  I can tell you that my numbers on my bad cholesterol went down 40 points on the bad and up 30 points on the good cholesterol. This was from March 2015 to March 2016. Just one year.

I eat 1 to 2 tsps. Flax seed per day on either my salad, in a smoothie, in oatmeal or in jasmine rice. I even like them just to munch on like you eat sunflower seeds.  I also put Chia seed in my smoothie & salad. Oh and Sesame Seed & hemp seed, too. In salad, on top of breads, roasted and put in Chinese and Asian foods. Very good for you, those seeds. I am also using Coconut in my cooking and that helps with tons of medical issues.  I have started using "Organic Coconut Spread" by earth balance, non-GMO. And I still use Smart Balance with flaxseed oil on my bread, pasta or rice. I'm looking into cooking more with the Coconut Oil and recipes that I can share here with you! The Coconut Spread, on the container, says that it is great for baking & cooking instead of butter.  

Comparatively, here are the Nutrition Facts:
Earth Balance Coconut Spread  VS Smart Balance Light w/ Flaxseed
 Serving: 1 Tbsp (14g)
Total Fat:                               11g             5g
     Sat Fat                               25%           8%
Calories:                                l00              50
Cholesterol:                               0                0
Sodium:                                   70mg        90mg
Total Carbs:                                 0               0

So there are the numbers. I've read that the coconut oil reduces the belly fat, but you be the judge of that.

fit2me is a free website that helps manage your Diabetes. You can use their recipes or your own. They have easy exercises that I do, sitting, but they are good for stretching.  this website is great for Diabetes, and also regular meal planning and the food is good! Here is the   http://fit2me.com

Oh and Green Tea. You can make it hot and put it over ice. Use local honey to boost immune system. My mother-in-law had, had, had gout. I gave her unsweetened green tea Ice Tea (home brewed) and it is gone. She has a flair up when she sneaks foods she is not to have, but I give her green tea and she is back to normal. Usually a day or two. But the first one was about 6 weeks of daily green tea.

I am also doing  http://MyFitnessPal.com. I am under cjdsignFriend me and we can be weight loss buddies! Or just healthy eating friends!!  

 Here is an awesome step-by-step guide to get you started! http://fit101.org/the-step-by-step-guide-to-losing-weight-with-myfitnesspal

There is also a great website that helps get calorie burn count, doing everyday things. It's called http://calorielab.com/burned/  This site is great for me, who can't do even light cardio other than some walking. I just take the activity and calorie burn and put it into "My Fitness Pal" under my exercises.

I hope this gives you some good places for information. 

 I like the Diabetes fit2me (cjdsign is my avatar name) because I can easily chart my sugar levels. It also has great activities that you can use for your exercise and stretches and strength training too. I don't use the strength training, but the directions are all clear, they are written out with pictures and explained with videos. I have used both

I also eat lots of mixed greens for salads. I like to grow an heirloom mix lettuce and spinach. I harvest my dandelions and use the dried roots for tea, make a powder & use in smoothies, leaves in salads & flowers too. I am drying the flowers, to save them for winter when I need the extra boost in tea.

I make a thyme, basil, rosemary & sage tea when my throat is starting to hurt and If I need an immune boost.  I take this 3 x's a day when sick, and then when I need a boost. Just put a 1/2tsp in of each in a coffee filter with a twist tie around the top. Bring your water just to boil, pour it into the cup and set in the herb tea bag. Steep it for about 5 to 15mins depending on how strong you like it or need it. I also do this 3 more times with the "tea bag" to get all the good beneficals out of the herbs. And I like the taste! Remember to use Local Honey for sweetener.

I have lots of info on my blog here. Go to the search and type in a key word, like "tea", "herbs", "Salads", and it should pull up all the  blog posts that are related, etc.
I hope this helps! I know it is for me!  

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