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Design an Edible Landscape

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Today we're talking about Edible Landscapes. I've included several links for your perusal. An Edible Landscape is defined as having edible plants and non-edible plants mixed together in the same growing space. In other words, some plants are grown for their display and others to be pulled, harvested, or picked to eat.

Since the time when I was a child, this was common practice for the gardeners in my family. Most had these mixed Edible Gardens in their side or back yards. I can remember Apple, Pear, Plumb & Cherry trees in front yards as well as Aspens, Birch, Maple, Oaks, Pine, Dogwood & Magnolia trees. (The above photo is of fruit trees grown along a fence in an easily harvested, yet pleasing to the eye, way) 

In our gardens, we plant flowers that act as beneficials. Beneficial plants are those that help other plants. Examples are Marigolds, Nasturtiums, and herbs. These plants help rid plants of bugs as well as keep down the mosquitoes. Nasturtiums are great companions of Tomatoes and you can plant Cherry Tomatoes in your front yard that will give you a pop of color that tastes great too!  Geraniums are also good at keeping bugs at bay. 
In past gardens, we have mixed loose leaf lettuce varieties, bush beans, squash, tomatoes, carrots, onions, radishes, and peppers with our herb & flower gardens. This year I have placed some year old Pimento Peppers (over wintered indoors) out in the herb garden. 

The herb garden of last year,  2015, became over run by weeds near the end of Autumn. This year, the herb garden will be revamped and hopefully more contained as well as, pleasing to the eye.
My Edible Herb garden will have many lettuce varieties, basil, bee balm, lemon balm, sage, thyme, rosemary(potted), chives & onions, spinach, carrots, borage, echinatia, white horehound, marigolds, cherry tomatoes(red & yellow).

What won't be in the herb garden this year are Columbine, Forest Flox, Bachelor Buttons & Daises that will be moved to a corner garden with more space.

We've gathered rock from the yard and some that are special from areas we had lived before. One in particular is a large petrified tree chunk that is absolutely beautiful with it's colors and textures! I'm still working on the plan and will update when it is finished. 

I still love this idea from Sadie Seasongoods

This is a great indoor growing area/station!

I think this is a cool idea (fake hot idea) that I'll do in a continually bare spot in the yard!

Here are the links below! Have fun and eat your landscapes!

~Eat Your Yard! Design an Edible Landscape


~Design an Edible Landscape

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