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A Free On-line Meal Planner for Healthy Living

Our newest recipe! Cheesy Ham & Rice Casserole.
Hi Friends!
I just had to share this great site I found while looking for recipes for the week. Since we are working on low cal foods, I'm also looking at changing up our most favorite recipes. This nifty site is a Meal Planning, recipe "box", that allows you to save recipes and meal plan in the same location! I just love it.  This is a free online meal planner.
Here is the link: http://iwashyoudry.mealplannerpro.com/meal-planning-calendar

A click down menu allows choice of day, meal, and time to be chosen.
The recipes saved can be selected and then plugged into the day you choose. 
There is also a search box that ingredients can be input and recipes can be found that fit the search. Example: we have ham & rice on hand, so we input rice & ham and found recipes that contained them. It's as easy as that!
Bake all ingredients together, except the cheese.

 Once the recipe is blocked into the date, you can click on the "List" button to show the shopping list of ingredients. The list can be checked and unchecked based upon your on hand ingredients and those you need to shop for. Once your choices are made, simply click "Add to list". This then will show up in the upper "My List" tab. It keeps a running list of the ingredients you will need to shop for. 

To find the recipes you would like to try or have tried, simply click on HOME. This will take you to the original site of "I'll wash, You dry" and there are tons of great recipes to choose from. From simple few minute meals to casseroles, from intricate to elaborate, you are sure to find meal recipes to please even the toughest crowds! 

Click on  "Save Recipe" and it will save to your own personal recipe box. Signing up is easy, fast and free. The recipes can be placed in your current weekly menu or saved for a later date. I Just Love This Site!!

Very simple and easy to follow.  5 Star Recommendation!

Top with cheese and bake 7 min more!


The recipe we are making for our own Friday Foods is "Cheesy Leftover Ham and Rice Casserole". LINK

There are so many more, I'm sure our favorites will be blogged about! 

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