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Repairing an Elemental Collage

Hi Friends!

Today we are DIYing a quick fix. I have a neat old wooden collage that had one of the elements break off and I lost that element.

Materials I used:
Stays On* Liquid Refill in Dark Brown
Elmer's* Glue
Old milk cap with applicator (I use a sock hanger from new socks)
Old wooden spool

Here is the Elemental Collage. And that exposed wood looks rather out of place. So here is what I did to correct it.

Using the Stays-on ink, I applied the ink directly to the wood. I went in the direction of the wood grain.
Letting the ink dry and testing the spot for good coverage, I glued on the new spool element. This was a spool from my Grandmother's sewing "Stash" and that makes this extra special for me!
I re-glued the label down to the spool as it was lifting due to age. I then applied glue to the bottom of the spool. I used a bit more than I wanted, but the glue dries clear. I left it sit overnight to ensure a good adherence.

I wanted to make it look as close to the original as I could and here are the results.
I think it looks great!

I enjoyed this quick fix and I hope you see how easy you can fix and reuse your treasured keepsakes!

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