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Pattern Drafting ~ Creative Day Thursday

Hi Friends!
Brown Craft Paper
Permanent Shapie

When I make my bag patterns, I first draw out my idea in my notebook in pencil and make changes as needed. I often like to use the same "base" pattern for many other bags that I enjoy making.
When using this brown paper, hook the curl of the end on the edge off the work space. It fits right over the edge of the table nicely and then roll out the brown paper curve side down.

Using the tape measure to mark off the amount of paper needed. I use more paper than needed and save the larger scraps for making other patterns later.
When I measuring out the base of each bag, I make sure to mark the top, bottom, sides of each bag pattern piece. Mark how many pieces to cut on each pattern *(I circle this "cut #") .  Also label which piece you are drawing and the dimensions on each piece. That way you can make it smaller or larger than this pattern for multi sizes.

Have fun making your own patterns. 

This is a great way to take a ready made piece, say shorts, and lay them on the brown paper, drawing first with pencil and then overwriting with the Sharpie. A black pencil or a wood working pencil is a great pencil choice.*Regular pencils don't show up very well on this brown paper.


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