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Organizing Tips for April

Hi Friends!
Here are a few great ideas to get you organized through the month!

Taking this one step or project at a time, helps to make the job easier and quicker.

 Reorganize Dressers

How I Organize My DresserChristine Kobzeff

Go through your dresser and choose one drawer. Take everything out and re-fold and put in dividers to keep items stacked and neat. This is something I need to do with all the drawers in my rooms. It will not only look good, but it will save time when looking for that specific item of clothing. Taking 10 mins each day this month to go through and organize a drawer in your home, you will have accomplished a monumental organizing task!

 Organize the Spices

I have a wonderful spice system in my baskets, however, when someone else in the family takes the spices out, they don't go back into the same baskets. I've linked to my Spice Rack HERE.  But I am looking for a more cohesive system. 

  Organize the Pantry
Our pantry is small in the house and holds the things we use regularly. Rice, beans, dry goods, some canned products, and teas. The idea with this pantry was to just have things handy, but it looked so jumbled and messy. And there really wasn't much on it. So I picked up some $1 white bins to contain my like items. Here are the before and after shots. It was a quick 15 min project that really looks good, even after 2 weeks later!


I like this look so much,I am considering using these bins for the spice cabinet and stacking them when needed. They take up less space than the baskets, which I love, but are so less bulky.
I hope you are enjoying these quick organizing Ideas for April. There are only 3 this time, but for me, the dressers are numerous and take the most time. Enjoy the video by Christine Kobzeff !

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