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Office/Craft Room Update!

Hi Friends,
Well, it's been a long winter and this project just didn't get the attention it really needed. Illness struck our household and, well, it is what it is. But here is a quick update of the Office/Craft Room.

There was more purging and organizing that I had thought I would do. The stacked containers were moved to their spot under the white board. My "Lady" got a new location where she will be readily used! And yes, some sewing projects got stuck in the corner.
The organization has started and the desk is a mess. No projects for a bit till the placement of all things in this area. But that is ok, with illness, getting well is the most important thing on the agenda.
This above location will be used for creating and photographing.
The tall paper stacks are in place. The closet will house many crates of fabric. And I do plan to use a curtain rather than the sliding closet doors. This will give me easy access as well as a more open feel to the room. You can see the shelf brackets and screwdriver are ready for new shelving to be added!
The shelves are filling up. I'm not quite sure of how this all will look in the end. This is still an ongoing project of covering the boxes and putting the containers where they will go. My goal here is to have each "box" be in the closest location to other like items. What I mean is, all papering materials will be in the same location, sewing, photography, and jewelry, etc., items contained in their sections for easier use and return.

These craft bins will have the paper covers like the small totes/bins have in the fronts. Shelves have gone up over the "Sewing" location (not pictured, but to the right) and the Sewing Table is now in it's position. LINK

I found a rolling chair from the Salvation Army for $5 and it's by the sewing area. I'd like to get an office mat from the photography area to the sewing area. I'm putting the straight back chair in front of the desk (which has yet to come in from the garage) for a change of chairs. Having options to sit in is a plus with my back issues.

My Standing Mirror needs a new mirror insert as it has a crack in it and needs some repainting; a soon to do project.

I'm looking to add a book shelf (unit kind) to the space for all my books and magazines. And a "lending library" of sorts.

 I changed up the curtains and replaced them with Jardiniere Lace Cafe Curtains. I like the look and the feel of these curtains. The others seemed to weigh down the room. These cafe curtains give an open, light & lacy feel. I like how they just touch the bottom window frame.  I'd purchased the lace from JoAnn's about 10 years ago and have kept them whole till now. They are very sweet and look good here!

Well, thank you for your interest in following my Office/Craft Room Update! I hope something here gave you inspiration!

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