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Exercise Journals: An Easy Way to Track Fitness Progress

Hi Friends!
I for one, love journaling. It is like my history written down.
 Do I do it every day? No. 
Is that consistent in journaling? Yes, for me.
What type of journals do I keep? I keep 3 types.
I have an eating journal that I keep on line with my exercise journal HERE with My Fitness Pal.
I have a prayer journal that I keep for the third journal.
Free Stock Photo of Croquet
Here people are outside playing crochet. Free Stock Photo

I have used  Calorieslab.com HERE for finding out what the calorie burn is for the activities/chores, that I do during the day. Then I transfer them over to the online exercise journal HERE via MyFitnessPal.com.
Keeping active is a must!
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Here people are out at a festival celebration. Free stock photo.

It is important, even if you are disabled like me, to get outdoors and move. Walking is an important part of my day. Yes, there are days that I am sedimentary, but I do try to get moving doing something each day. 
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You can do exercises in bed if you can't get up off the floor. I have for the last 20 or so years. Free Stock Photo.

It is beneficial to have elderly parents/disabled people/children be active and moving their joints. 
Free Stock Photo of Lake People
Going to a park, having a picnic at the lake, going fishing. These are things that can keep you moving. Free Stock Photo.
Free Stock Photo of PierFree Stock Photo of Parade
Going to the pier or  to a parade, enjoying activities with like-minded people. Free Stock Photo

Keeping joints lubricated and moving promotes longer life, as well as a less painful life. I am speaking from experience on this one! 

Free Stock Photo of Santa Monica Beach
Spend the day at the beach, walk the beach, swim or play in the water! Free Stock Photo.

Free Stock Photo of Stage
Go to an outdoor concert. A concert on the lawn. Watch a ball game! Be active! Free Stock Photo
As long as you are moving, it is a good thing!
If you want to add me as your friend on My Fitness Pal, I am user: cjdsign
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I hope you are inspired to go out and do something fun!

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