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Easy D.I.Y. Picture Displays

Hi Friends!
Today we are just doing a quick Picture display. This is a refresher for most of you, but good to know tips!
This frame has a poem and place for the photo.
I am leaving the stand on the frame in case I want to put it on a table later.
Use a butter knife to lift t he metal tabs. This not only saves you pain, but it insures a straight lift of the tabs.

When you remove the inside mat and any inserts, clean the glass on both sides and place it back into the frame.

This is an easy way to add a photo. Tape a piece of paper to the top of the mat, then slip your photo under the paper. The paper acts as an edge and ensures your photo placement.

Put it all back into the frame and use your butter knife to flatten out the tabs. It's that easy!
Here are a few more ideas from my Pinterest Account.This is a great gift idea for a bride and groom. Take a photo have it enlarged to the window size and mount it in the old window frame.: Fun Window scape...old cabinet door used to frame..old vintage pictures...:

How-to spray paint picture frames » Rustoleum Spray Paint » www.rustoleumspraypaint.com:

Vinyl on window www.etsy.com/shop/SwanKed:
Glue two frames together for a chunkier look.  I've done this with a 4x6 glued to an 8x10. Leave the back off the large frame to access the picture, spray paint the frames to give a solid look. This makes small thrift store finds so much more substantial.:  
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