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DIY Mixed Media Picture ~ Creative Day Thursday

Hi Friends!
Today I've created a neat accessory for the Office/Craft Room and wanted to share it with you.
What you need:
 12 x 12 scrapbook paper
Mod Podge 
Tiny Flowers
Scrap of lace
2 ribbon bows
Milk cap & spreader, sock hook
 Elements, buttons, stickers, paper doll cut out, etc.
Cardboard piece, black
 Thick/Broad tip marker, Dura-Mark black
Sharpie thin point, black
 exacto type of knife
 sponge brush

First, I took a $2 plastic frame and removed the glass.
I found some sewing theme 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and cut it to the size for my background.
I had an extra piece of cardboard that I modpodged to the larger left over piece to and created a quick pin board for the sewing directions over the machine area.

After cutting out the background piece, I placed all the elements into the frame to get a feel of where to go next.
The paper doll and sticker added dimension, but I wanted the doll to pop.
I cut out the doll and found a piece of black cardboard for backing. I used that little plastic hook from new socks to dab on the glue, and yes, it is in a cap. I love to recycle!
After the doll  dried, I cut around it with an exacto type of knife.
I then used my sharp crafting scissors to cut the doll out again.
Using the exaco type knife, I cut around the neck and head area. Be careful and go slowly.
Upon turning the doll over, I discovered a untidy mess. So I trimmed it up and used a permanent marker to cover any places that were not black.

The Dura-Mark worked best with the large angled tip.

I put the doll aside to dry and outlined the scissors with a Sharpee.
The doll became a bit warped, so I bended it a bit to make it flat again.
Covering the whole doll with glue, I placed the doll on the background.
Here you see the doll fits nicely. I added a & Sticker for depth.
With the background being only paper, it needed a bit of stability.
Since I have no intention of using this frame for anything else, I just glued the background paper to the back board of the frame.
I used the Mod Podge and a sponge brush to get the best coverage.
And it looks sturdier now.
Flip it over, trim off the excess background paper.
Place it into the frame and press down the tabs with a table knife.
Here is the finished picture. I decided to add a bit more depth and details to the picture and frame.
Here is one of my fun bags. I love keeping like items on hand for projects and gifts like this. I added a piece of my Grandmother's lace to the top and bottom. A pearl bead on a wedding style flower was attached and a cream baby bow at the bottom. In the corner, I used tiny lavender silk roses and a purple satin ribbon bow with a ribbon rose to finish the corner off.

I also added a wooden button near the scissors. I like the way this projects pops and it will make a nice addition to my space!
The side view shows more depth. Hope you got a bit of inspiration for something new to try!

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