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Columbine ~ Colorado's State Flower

Hi Friends,
Today we are taking a look at the Columbine Flower, which is the State Flower of Colorado.
The Columbine is most commonly blue and white. The wild Columbine can be many colors. White is the constant color with blue, red, yellow, purple, pink as the accent color. These flowers grow wild in Colorado. The one photoed above is a Columbine from my Spring Garden 2015. I planted the red & white and the traditional blue & white variety. I am hoping they come back up in the springtime this year. 

Here is a LINK to Gardening Know How for more information and tips on growing your own Columbine. 
The flower is cold hardy, likes sun and unamended soil. Great for rocky areas, barren areas, or under trees. I even have a friend that has so many he pulls them up out of his driveway! 

This year I will be broadcasting some gathered seed around my aspen trees along with my favored Alyssum ~ Carpet of Snow.
This is my daughter's namesake flower! Oh I love you Alyssa!
Alyssum Carpet of Snow! My Favorite Flower!! It has a honey fragrance and helps deter bugs.


I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about the Columbine and do try growing them this year in your own garden. Potted, they grow fine too, but need to be checked often for moisture.
And a Happy Anniversary to you Sweet Hubby!


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