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52 Quick Hacks ~ Monday Mayhem

 Hi Friends!
 Today I wanted to show you a few of my favorite tips. Some I have used for years, some I have put to use in my New Office/Crafts Room and some I have found on the web. I hope there is at least one of these Quick Hacks &Tips that you may be able to use for yourself!

Here I found a cardstock cover that had a 12" ruler on the back cover. I cut it off, used a long piece of packing tape and placed it on the work table above. I can now measure and cut with ease and quickness. It's already come in handy!

Use fishing line right off the reel when making craft projects. This way the line is always contained when cutting off a piece.
Keep a large plastic bowl in the sink for fast cleanup when cooking.

Budget to know where your money is going.
Keep knives sharp. A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one.
Keep the end of the onion on when cutting to reduce fumes that make you cry.

Keep power strip up and out of the way in a basket attached with cup hooks.
Cover a shoe box lid with fabric for a piece of ART!

Spray paint tins to match.
Keep glitter clean and handy in old glass salt & pepper shakers.
Wrap up bits of ribbon around close pins. Keep them in a basket.
Keep yarn together like in this basket tote.
Add a bar across the under sink cabinet and hang cleaners & tools from it.
Keep small items in votive cups in the bathroom cupboard.

Have someone else help put on the false eyelashes. This works better than doing it myself!!!
Hold the double sided tape upside down. Place the start of the tape on the paper item and pull across. Cut off when at the end by twisting and tearing the tape.
Keep your seeds in a pouch and write down your seed plantings in a notebook.
Use an old shower curtain liner, plastic part, for a spray paint drop cloth.
Use an old phone book to press flowers! This works great!

Use a coffee filter & rubber band to make a tea bag for loose herbal teas.

Hang herbs as a bunch or spread individual leaves out to dry.

Replace a burger with a mushroom YUMM!

Clean makeup brushes with vinegar and water.

Read Free eBooks!
Place straw under strawberries to keep them clean.
Paint rocks to look like strawberries and place them in strawberry bed. The birds won't like them and you save the strawberries from the birds.

This Cool Cloth isn't just for people! Raider loves his.

Clippers aren't just for fingernails, clip string, fish line, or sharp pet nails.

Tweezers are perfect for removing splinters.

A tampon can be used as a bandage in an emergency.

Keep a utility knife in the glove compartment of the car for handy fixes.

Use hairspray to get out ink stains. This one is from Suave.

Keep your lipstick cool in the refrigerator. A container keeps them together.

Use a milk cap to hold glue for small projects.

Tie a ribbon to a whistle and keep in your purse for emergency.

Add an aspirin to the water of fresh flowers for lasting blooms.

Use clear polish to stop a panty hose run.
Use a table knife to press down those metal brackets behind photo frames.

Use pop top rings to hang pictures..

Organize with clear glass containers.

Add a pretty Ribbon and an old broach to your candles.

Hang a curtain rod like this inside cupboard doors to find pot lids.

Add a hinge to a picture and cover that temp gauge or alarm box.

Add a flower with florist tape to the end of your pen, so it doesn't walk away!

From Shanty Chic, hang shelves for rolled papers behind closet door.

Hang hooks & shelves for wooden spoons and spices.

Hang an old glass lid as a bird feeder.

Mark a dowel off in inches for a quick measure.


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