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10 Eco-Friendly Cleaners For Spring Cleaning

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Here are  10 Eco-Friendly Cleaners that can make your life more enjoyable!
Families with members who are sensitive to chemicals or people looking to find greener alternatives to these cleaners will be happy to know that they can achieve the same clean results using eco-friendly products that are effective and leave a pleasant smell.

1 Sodas
    Baking Soda, Bicarbonate Soda, sodium carbonate decalydrate or soda ash, Club Soda
2 Hydrogen Peroxide
3 Salt
4 Vinegar
5 Borax
6 Soap
    powder, liquid, flakes, and solid bars.
7 Essential Oil
8 Organic Olive Oil
9 Vodka
10 Lemon  

For how to use these Natural Cleaners, click the link below!
from http://greenliving.about.com/od/greenathome/fl/10-Most-Effective-Eco-Friendly-Home-Cleaners.htm

Here is an odd, but effective use for Ketchup
Clean your Copper and Brass Pots and Pans, Stainless Steel & Silver with ketchup. Put on a cloth, apply in circular motion and rince off with warm water. Towel dry. But for the silver, let the ketchup sit on the piece for 5-10 mins. Then rince with warm water and towel dry.  I have a number of tarnished silver pieces and copper bottomed pots that will be getting a new "SHINE" on life this Spring!!
For those pets stains and urine smell,
mixing a solution of 50% white vinegar, with water, applying it liberally to the soiled area and using a scrub brush to work it in will reduce the odor and stains. Blot area dry with paper towels or a clean dry cloth.

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