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Packing Makeup ~ Tuesday Beauty

Hi Friends!
Today I'm showing you how I pack my makeup for a quick trip. 
I have several of these small pouches
and I lay them out before I pack anything in them. I like these mini-emery boards for my travel nail bag!
Everything fits in nicely and nothing is crammed. I can see clearly which polish I want to use.
I love, love, love my brush caddie and take it on all my trips! The Instructions HERE.
For lotion and perfume, I reuse some of my bottles for easy carrying. This bag is plastic lined and nice in case of a pressure change causing a bottle to leak.
My last bag is a bit bigger, not much, and I fill it with face & eye powders & mascara. I use a water proof that removes easily in the shower. Most of my makeup is elf, though I find this NYC Show Time mascara makes my eyes pop! The face powder and bronzer are Mosaic.
This is one of my larger bags. This one has a clear plastic over the material and I use it for holding my fingernail polish.
And that's it. No pain of finding out what and where my beauty products are. I choose a few looks according to the clothes I have packed, then I pick through my makeup and pack up my pouches. It's really that simple! And as we know, simple is good in many ways!

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