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OH MY Cherry Pie! ~ Friday Foods

Hi Friends!
I bet you can guess what I want for dessert tonight!!
YES! Cherry Pie!
But most cherry pie has a double crust. This pie, however, is one crust on the bottom and folded over the top. Hubby's idea! And so Yummy! Less calories ! Sounds like a Win Win to me! How about you?

We used frozen cherries from last years picking, but you can skip ahead an use a canned cherry pie filling for an even faster pie! YUM
Here is how Hubby made it:
1 Pilsbury Pie Crust (save the other crust for another pie!)
1pkg frozen cherries
1Cup Sugar
1Tablespoon Corn Starch or Arrowroot.
1 Can Cherry Pie filling Directions:
Place one dough crust into a pie pan (we used aluminum, but any pie pan will do). Leave edges hanging over edge of the pan for now. 
Combine all the ingredients above or use the cherry pie filling. Put into the pie shell and fold up all  the remaining pie crust. It will overlap, but that is what will hold the filling in.
Bake for 45 to 50  mins @  *375  NOTE: We are high elevation, so you may want to watch your pie for bubbling and browned crust.

We ate ours warm and hubby had whipped cream on his. We've had this with ice cream or drizzled chocolate for a special twist!


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