Hi There!

No Heat Hair Curls! And a 5min heat Curls! Videos~ Tuesday Beauty

Hi Friends!

Today we'll be watching Videos! I know you ladies loved having videos to watch in class, right! Yeah! Well, these hair videos I have picked will give you some sleepable hair curling nights.

Last week I tried the 3 twisted wet hair curls and I did like the result, however, having neck pain, I did not enjoy sleeping. These two videos don't impede the sleep cycle like lumpy side hair knots do! So give them a try and see which one you like the best.

As for me, I like both looks and I have thin straight, slight wave when wet hair, but I have to load it up with product! I've enjoyed having a hairstylist in the house as a guest to show me different products. I'll be talking more about those in the coming weeks. For now, I use the products in the first video, but you can use what works best with your hair type and the style of curl you want.

This last hair style is a 5min Heat Curls! It is for that run out the door look that is fast and beautiful!


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