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How To Grow A Pineapple ~ Creative Day Thursday

Hi Everyone,
Today we are showing you how to grow a pineapple from the top portion of a pineapple.
 This is a very patient project that needs  basically just water and a glass container on a windowsill to do, but for the roots to grow and the new spikes to grow, you definitely need patience.

Start by removing all fruit from the top of the pineapple.
Next, peel off about half of the spiky leaves that are left on the pineapple top.
Place the core side down into a jar/glass of water.
Now the hard part... Wait.
The roots will sprout in about 3 weeks .
New spiky leaves will grow in about 6-10 weeks.
Then when your roots and green spikes are formed, you can plant it up into a pot.
I waited till Spring to plant the Pineapple. See all the good strong root system!
Make a hole in the pot to place the roots low in the pot.
So I potted it finally after starting this back in July!

 Pack down the soil around the stem and roots. Water well and then pack down again to ensure a stable planting.

Fertilize once a month and then water weekly. I'll be putting mine outside when the days turn warmer. I'll bring it in at nights until the danger of frost is over.

I hope you enjoyed learning something new today!
Comments are welcome. If you've grown one yourself, please comment below!


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