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Heart Felt Pin or Hair Clip ~ Creative Day Thursday

Hi Friends!
The two finished Heart Pins.

 Here are a few handmade hearts to keep or give away. An easy DIY Tutorial is just what we are doing today. With a few scraps of white felt, some pearl beads, sequins, cross-stitch thread and ribbon, these cute hair clips, pins and heart strings can be quickly whipped up!
Cut out two felt hearts per hair clip, pin or heart string.

This one is for the hair clip.

This one is for the pin back.
All pieces laid out for visual assistance.

Pearl Beaded Heart pin back view.

Optional pearl & sequin Heart pin.

Making two small slits in the back piece allows the  Pin prongs or one small slit in the hair clip to slid thru to the other side.

The pins and hair clips, before and after. Sandwiching the bulk of the metal pieces in between the two felt hearts and stitching around the edges will secure the hearts front to the back.
 Below is another option. Adding findings, beads, ribbon, sequins all enhance your heart pin or clip.
Sew and old broken piece of jewelry to the front of the heart to give it a New Life! Up-Cycle it!
 I have not shown the heart string, but the XOX heart below is done by stitching with cross-stitch thread on the front, the back attached like above, with the top open insert a ribbon long enough to go over the head and hand onto the chest. Sew the ribbon into the open top part of the heart with tails inside.

 These simple hearts can be done in less than 30 minutes, depending upon your chosen embellishments.
 A cute craft or gift for any Holiday. Make some fun Heart Felt Crafts today!


You will probably get inspired by the fun craft projects I have curated a DIY  ideas board on Pinterest.


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