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DIY Storage Box Update! Creative Day Thursdays

Hi Friends!
A quick and easy DIY today for you!
 For this project I used:
Scrapbook 12 x 12 papers *themed
2 Scrapbook 12 x 12 stiff cardboard paper pack covers
Double Sided Tape
Plastic Shoe Boxes, clear with white tops *Dollar Tree $1each

These containers used a cut piece of SB paper 7 1/2 inches x 3 inches. Cut all the pieces for all your boxes first. Curl with your hands the edges, like shown above.
Place Double Stick Tape on the papers where the yellow strips are shown, then press them inside of the boxes as shown.

Do this for each of the boxes you have. I have done mine to match my room in a Vintage Theme.
The top 3 are not updated, and I think the bottom 3 look so much better. The tags I have in another DIY. I'll link up when that posts!
I hope you enjoyed this one. I know it was simple, but sometimes, those are the most fun!
 I did the same type of fronts on these hanging compartment boxes. I taped a "false" front to the open hole. I do have the drawer, but it is in use with another project. I'll just add the hanging front inside when I get done with that project. This way I have the piece already cut and designated for this box.

And WOW! what dramatic change it made!
Enjoy listening to Celtic Thunder~ click the video above!

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