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An Easy Waist Band ~ Creative Day Thurday

Hi Friends!
Today we are going to look at how to put an elastic into a waistband.

I pre-zigzag the edge of the material  piece for ease in handling the piece.  Set your stitch for the largest straight stitch available on your machine. If you like the more decorative zigzag stitch, then use that one in the largest stitch available. *Do Not use a stretch stitch as it does not allow the elastic to be stretched as far as is needed.

When sewing, only stretch from pin to pin. The tension needs to be firm, but take care not to break the needle. I usually have my left hand on the piece in the back firmly holding as the right hand, with elastic stretched, is firmly guiding the piece and elastic through the machine.

This finished waist band is not encased, but rather the same method as shown above twice. The first sewing is then flipped inside and another sewing the same way was done again 1/8 inch from the inner edge of the elastic. You can follow the same stitch line when you fold over. An easy guide for the second line of stitching.
The Gold Filigree Amethyst Marque Earrings.

I'm wearing the Onyx Tassel Necklace in Black.

Sesima wearing the Red African Queen Necklace, Bracelet and Dangle Earrings.
Yemmy Wearing the African Tribal Wood Bangles & Safari Necklaces. The rage of style are the multiple bangles!

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