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Winter Gardens to Chase Away The Blues

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Winter can sure drag on and on...
But today, we will look at several cool indoor gardening ideas that will chase those Winter Blues AWAY!!!

Trellis Garden
I really love the use of this vertical space and will enjoy using it as a perpetual rooting trellis!
Indoor Garden Trellis

Photo & Idea from Vintage Revivals. 
Get instructions here.

Ladder Garden 
A definite "step up"! Pun intended!

Photo and idea from A Beautiful Mess.
 Get instructions here.

Corner Garden

  This is most like the one I have done, bringing in outdoor plants for the winter and some of the house plants. I have placed it over the heater vent, so watering in more often. But I do like the color and the feeling of gardening all year long.

Photo and idea from  SF Girl By Bay
See more here.

Angled Herb Garden

I've considered this, but since I root all my herbs in water, I would set this more upright and have water and not dirt. But good idea for taking them off my windowsills!

 Photo and idea from Camille Styles

Get instructions here.

Indoor Rain-forest Garden

This is a great article and one with many good tips. I suggest this idea even if you leave the home for a quick trip away from home. Your plants will love you for it!

Photo and info came from Steve Asbell

Great Information here.

I'll post up my photo when my external hard drive cord is fixed. Thank you hubby!

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